onsdag 23 september 2009

The stairs..

gave me a nice break between lectures. Buildings can provide underestimated sound sources.


måndag 21 september 2009

On my way to...

today's exam, i took my usual way through the university basement and found a construction site in a corridor. Some freshly installed water pipes played an early morning concerto along with the small talk from the workers. It gave me a good reason to stop and calm down before the test.


söndag 13 september 2009

Samples from the lab..

where i studied this summer got lost in my crash site of desktop maps. Most of them are from various kinds of rotary incubators and other kind of lab machines. They have potential in abstract rhythm creation and general background ambiance. Its amazing to just sit back and listen to all of the things that created the sound environment of the lab. All the things you just ran by in your search for answers.

Check them out:


torsdag 10 september 2009

From my climbing cave..

This was my intended first recording project once i had received the Rode NT1 condenser mic i bought last week- recording traffic from the perspectives of a cave. It really gave some new perspectives on what i, on a daily basis, just consider a place for bouldering exercise.

Here is the link to it:

You will hear some complex mechanical sounds around 1:38.

torsdag 3 september 2009

I found..

some interesting indoor environments at my university. Alot of ventilation systems singing on its last chorus. Alot of students whispering test scores and weekend gossips. You can find them on my freesound at:


tisdag 1 september 2009

This marks the..

start of my field recording project. I have done various half-hearted recordings in the past and have a fairly big library. Iv already planned my first sound source- a semi-caveish place i found on a cliff side when i was out searching for good climbing sites.

Im thinking about using one mic to capture the larger environment and use one directed mic to attach some detail. In mixing, i want to use nothing more than volume control and stereo sound manipulation.